Kaima Beerotayim

‘Kaima Beerotayim’ – an agricultural farm with community participation that provides an occupational and educational framework for youth who have dropped out of the formal education system.
The work on the farm, based on the CSA model (Community Supported Agriculture) enables the youth to learn through social interaction with adults who are partners to the activities, along with the taking of responsibility, initiative and creativity required of them in the agricultural work and in dealing with the challenges that nature presents.
At the heart of ‘Kaima Beerotayim' is the community, its people are active participants in the activities and consumers of the agricultural products.  The selection of seasonal vegetables we grow on the farm will be sold by direct sale and the money will go to the 'Kaima Beerotayim” non-profit organization.  The community is invited to volunteer on the farm, to see first-hand how the food they eat is grown, producing relationships with young and older farmers and to embrace the youth that has dropped out of its educational, family and social frameworks.

Contact & Donations

Haafik 38, Beerotaim

kaimafarm@gmail.com  /  Tel. 054-7303357


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